I was reading online about productivity, happiness, contentment and financial independence and I came across the minimalists -I was hooked straight away. 

The concept of minimalism is universal. It is not about getting rid of stuff but making space for a rich / positive / happy life. 

I grew up in a household where we did not throw away anything. Though we were never serious hoarders, we kept things which did not add any value to my life. 

Even now I continue to keep things out of habit. Exploring theminimalists website made me reflect and I decided to embark on the 3o-day minimalism game – an interesting game where one throws away one item on day 1, two items on day 2 and so on

@theminimalists suggest to play this game with another person.  I am doing it alone and will be posting my progress on @ach_contentment twitter and @achievingcontentment Instagram 
I am doing this challenge because 

  • I want to reduce stress in my life as the clutter = stress/ chaos (sometimes it takes along time to look for things)
  • I want to have time / space for experiences to add value in my life 
  • I am soon moving into a house share before moving to another city to live with my OH. Perfect incentive for me to reduce my material possessions to make this process simple / hassle free

My first item is the bottle feeder from my childhood which my mum handed over to me recently. It was of no emotional value to me (probably I am very harsh) but it life me it was only causing clutter