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I cannot believe that it HAS already been 10 days since the start of 30-day minimalism game via @theminimalists



It has been a very interesting period. First 10 days mean getting rid of 55 items which I have managed to do (yuppie). In fact the actual number is more than this as the items have included more than 50 pens / pencils or journals which I counted as 2 items.

The first 10 days have been easy as most of the stuff I got rid was actually clutter and had no value to me e.g. Old stuff (not used for more than 4 yrs) or junk etc. Not only I am reducing my visible clutter (items which can been seen in the room), I have found lots of items hidden away in cupboards (invisible clutter) 

I have come across other people who have already achieved this or on a similar journey. It is fantastic to get ideas from them. 


Though the main aim for starting the game was to declutter as I embarked on journal towards minimalism, I am also learning a few things about me 

  • I am essentially a lazy person. Instead of throwing away or recycling some items straight away as they come to my flat, I keep them and the they become invisible. I need to be more orgainsed and get rid of things on a regular basis
  • I work better when I have motivation. A number of things are inspiring me on this journey. My intention to achieve simplicity / contentment. I am sharing my progress in this game on Twitter @ach_contentment and Instagram @achievingcontentment. The support from others is extremely  motivational 
  • Paper , paper & paper. Paper is the biggest clutter for me. My communal recycle bin is 75% full of my paper. A lot of shredding over the last 10 days and there is a lot more to do. I am now taking steps to be paperless including scaning the paper work I need to keep and switching to all online correspondence where possible 


  • The next 10 days will be interesting as I have to get rid of 155 items and most of these will be the ones with which I have some attachment 
  • I will continue to get rid of paper which is going to be a big job
  • And I will be enjoying the calm and the clean space