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And suddenly we are now in a new world which is full of uncertainties at this moment for the UK. It is difficult to predict the financial direction whichour country takes therefore it raises doubts and concerns for everyone. No doubt people will be revisiting their financial strategies.

Brexit might have an impact on my OH’s business as materials are supplied from EU countries. However this might help with planning for his early retirement. 

I am also thinking of my next financial steps 

– I will continue to put money in tax free accounts (ISAs). I normally split my deposits between cash and share accounts. I had been advised to increase investments  in share accounts and reduce amounts in cash ISAs. I might still do this though my low risk attitude advises me against it. 

– I am exploring whether I should start my own personal pension pot (in addition to the work pension). It makes sense as this will be tax efficient however I am not still convinced that this is the best way forward. I might not do anything and wait for next year when I will be able to open lifetime ISA. I will be able to invest money for only a few years but this should be ok.

– despite my low risk attitude, my rash adventurous-self bought a very small number of shares on the market yesterday (I am talking peanuts). I already had some shares and as the price went down I doubled the number of shares. Buying shares on an online platform is for fun only therefore I use small amounts (hardly worth it) – had £42ish in dividends last year. 

– my OH and I thought about buying a buy-to-let property a couple of months ago but in view of new tax laws decided that it does not make a good decision. Instead we paid back some mortgage on our other BTL property. 

everyone says there will be some financial pain in short term but hopefully things will be better in long term. My only concern is that you cash savings are in small companies and there might be a risk due to financial instability.

More importantly, As a nation we need to be positive now and move on from this shock