Hurrah – I have completed the game / challenge!!. 465 (infact many more) items which had no value in my life have been given away/ recycled or binned. It has been a fantastic learning and satisfying experience. 

I took me a little more than 30 days to complete this game as I took a few days off over the Holiday period.
– The first 10 days were easy as I only have to get rid of 55 items. There were a lot of things which I never used or did not know why I was keeping. 
– I had to make certain difficult decisions over the next 10 days as I got rid of 155 items. I had 2 Teddy bears from my childhood. My partner felt it surprising that I am removing these from my life. My mom kept them and recently gave them to me. They were gathering dust and creating clutter. There was no emotional attachment for me.


– The last 10 days were HARD (255 items). Difficult decision times. On many occasions I felt that I was making excuses to keep certain things – old habits die hard. 


There are number of things which motivated me to pursue this

– on-going reflection on my life and my journey to achieve contentment. I feel that minimalism is a key to this.

– a number of aspiring people in this world including the minimalists.

– I will be moving to a different city this year – A move is a perfect incentive to look at your possession and get clutter out of your life.

– sharing my progress on @ach_contentment (Twitter) / @achievingcontentment (Instagram) and getting encouragement from others kept me disciplined.


– Paper:  lots of it. Over the last few months I am becoming paperless but I still had a lot of old paperwork. I was filling the paper recycling bin on almost daily basis. I even had a bornfire one night for confidential paperwork. Shredder was my best friend over this period.

 – Stationery : I like stationery and I had plenty of it. Who needs more than 100 pens? I added these to my office supplies. 


– Hangers: I gave more than 50 hangers to a charity shop. I have no idea how come I had so many hangers. 

– CDs:  almost all CDs are decluttered. The technology has moved on!!!



– I now have a clutter free space which is relaxing to mind and easy to clean. Shame that I will not be able to enjoy it for a long time as I will be moving out of the flat next month. 

– I have learnt that I do not need hundreds of things in my life. I do not miss the stuff (though it has been only a week since I have  completed the game). 

– It has been a very satisfying experience and I feel happy 

– understanding that decluttering and minimalism are not the same. Declutter is a step toward minimalism and I need to take more steps towards minimalism 


– I still have more stuff which I need to go throug. Though the game is complete, decluttering will be on-going 

– I have only looked at the physical clutter. I need to start looking at other types such as digital, emotional clutter 

– my partner’s home – my things can’t move to my partner’s home as there is no space. Therefore we will need to start decluttering. However we are two very different people and it may be year before my partner embraces minimalism 

– My Office – this should be easy and worthwhile